the Jamestown colonists reached America in 1607 aboard the tri-ship fleet - the Susan Constant, the Discovery, and the Godspeed. they first found harbor on the new continent by following ocean waters into the safe inlet that is now a closed body of water in Virginia Beach, Virginia called Crystal Lake. Nestled at the oceanfront along Goodspeed Road, aptly named after the New World pioneering ship, Gooodspeeed Records has serendipitously settled in the very same harbor.

Like the Godspeed, GSR hopes to uncover and relate a new and exciting world for music connoisseurs and true lovers of musical collaboration. We will be bringing exciting, previously unheard efforts while uncovering lost artifacts - like the 35-year-in-the-making album of our first artist a picture made. Their sound is disguised as broad and approachable upon initial introduction; however, their infectiously rich lyrical attention, complex undertones, and steadfast beats set them apart as a true oddity and excellent flagship band for Gooodspeeed Records.

Gooodspeeed Records

• We Spin At The Right Speed •