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In the 1980s, in Kansas and Missouri, four kids came of age individually holding tightly to a purely shared rock music dream. This desire to play rock and roll collectively unified them into the powerhouse that is known as a picture made. They worked tirelessly to realize their dream and, after a short time, they started to generate an unavoidable buzz around the midwest. Their rise to success was swift and evident, as they were tapped to support The Replacements, The Call, and The Connells on the road. While touring with different bands only helped to fuel their fire, their hunger to write and record music was insatiable. 

     Nearly 35 years down the line, apm is finally ready to deliver the uncompromising, unwavering vision for the thematic album that has become Heal. This album enriches the scene with poetic, allegorical lyrics ably set in bold, well-crafted tones. Signature tracks “Quitting Now Would Be Treason” and “A Signal Hovering Over America” create a lyrical whirlwind over a vivid, colorful landscape of instrumental dynamics, while “Come To Me” and “Behind Your Eyes” offer a bittersweet and unique, yet familiar take on love. Good luck trying to ignore tracks like “God Loves A Hell Of A Man” and “Baby Boom Boom,” as they are the exuberant no-frills rock and roll juggernauts of the album. Lastly, “Music is Love” is a stunning summation of the album’s healing message, placed strongly before the final of the three Heal songs - “Heal Me,” “Heal You,” and “Healed.” This trinity of Heal songs serves as milestone tracks to mark the path of the listener’s journey. apm believes Heal is their finest work to date, with sights set for much more ahead. 


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Album cover art painted by Inka Essenhigh (Ancient Trees, ©2010)

Album cover art painted by Inka Essenhigh (Ancient Trees, ©2010)

• • • • • NEW ALBUM heal AVAILABLE NOW - CLICK HERE to stream • • • • •



“This trinity of Heal songs serves as milestone marker on the path of the band’s journey to date”

The Big Takeover

“a baker’s dozen of straight ahead rock songs that manage to take inspiration from some of the underground greats…A Picture Made have turned in a pretty compelling reason for listeners to come back for more.”

John B. Moore /// Neu Futur

“They capture the sadness and they capture the light…They have an innate ability to instantly connect with their listener…it’s time to enjoy what the fruits of their labor – Heal is an excellent, cohesive album.”

Sebastian Cole /// Gas house radio

“ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ”

Tom haugen /// New Noise magazine

“The spine tingling words and the undeniable chemistry of this band is felt in all songs and Heal positions itself as a contender for 2019 album of the year awards.”

Eric JArvis /// Indie Music review

“You won’t likely find another record out this May quite like the one that A Picture Made has submitted for us here…evocative and brutally honest where it counts the most”

Michael Rand /// Mobangeles

"A Picture Made paints an emotional, musical portrait where words and sounds are applied to righting an emotional course."

Dan Macintosh /// vents magazine

"Offering up lyrically heavy tones over against musical soundscapes that dabble in rock and Americana arenas the album recalls bands like Fleetwood Mac and Crosby, Stills, and Nash, among others. But influences and comparisons aside, this record is fully A Picture Made, their vision realized."  

Andrew Greenhalgh /// Indie Shark

"Heal is a concept album that embodies the sentimentality of healing, relationships, age, and 90’s era nostalgia that the wasteland of the digital age has been deprived of."

adam kahn /// skope mag

"A Picture Made deliver what is best described as being among the most erudite indie rock releases of 2019, and though it took a heck of a long time to get here, it’s proven to be well worth the wait...I was anticipating a juggernaut of an album from these guys to say the least, and they turned in something that exceeded my expectations and then some."

Anne Hollister /// Indie source

Heal is a superb album, full of Mid-Western rock muscle, compelling grooves, velvety So-Cal-flavored melodies and vibrant vocals.”

Randy Radic /// celebmix

“A deep album for deep thinkers that savor well wrought lyrics, it might be a cult item but it'll be one with long, strong legs.”

Midwest Records

“The vocal artistry and melodies are so solid and create evocative images in your mind full of nostalgia like warm post card memories…”

Robb Donker /// American pancake

“There are plenty of truly beautiful audio moments here. It's impressive indeed when folks can make music for this long and still retain the spark they had when they started.”


“...this is an album that rewards repeated listening...The album is shot through with positivity and that really comes across when listening to all the songs.”


“...let’s pray that it doesn’t take A Picture Made another 35 years to bless us with another rich, wonderful recording like this one”

Jonathan Widran /// The Jw Vibe

HEAL might be 35 years in the making, but it’s certainly not too late, and fans of A Picture Made – both new and original – will certainly enjoy it.”


“The instrumentation and lyrics combined give the song an austere quality that makes the 35 year wait for A Picture Made’s debut album seem worth it.”


“...the band evokes longing and hopeful love in a way that feels present and inescapable and is tinged with a wistful ache.”

Joshua Pickard /// The Southern Sounding

“...'God Loves A Hell Of A Man' is a juicy rocker that transports right back to the ’80s.”


“A Picture Made reveal their thematic vision in the form of Heal.”